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Super Easy & Healthy Keto Recipes You Need To Try Today!

The ketogenic diet should consist of about 60–80% fat, 10–30% protein, and no more than 5–10% — or 20–50 grams — of carbs per day. 

The "No-Brainer" Way To Speed Up Your Keto Success.

eggplant keto fries with a side dip of tomato ketchup

It’s time to let go of old habits. It’s time to put your health first, and make the changes you need to be happy and healthy—for good.

  •  How to get into ketosis in 24 hours (This is contrary to almost everything I have read in dozens of books) 
  •  Exactly how and what to eat, day after day, week after week so you are completely in control of your ketosis and energy levels.
  • ​Why most people have problems with weight loss even though they followed every piece of advice out there! 
  • ​(And why this has much more to do with your energy levels rather than what you eat)
  • ​ How to give yourself a real metabolism boost. 
"This is one of the most helpful keto recipe books that I have used. The recipes are very detailed and the ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery store. It also includes a shopping list for each recipe. I love this keto meal plan & I highly recommend this keto plan & recipe cookbook!"
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keto coconut flour flatbread
"I have been looking for a keto meal plan & cookbook that was easy to follow and had great recipes. This cookbook has been a life-saver! I am new to the keto diet, and this book has made it easy for me to transition from my old diet into this new one. I have been able to lose weight and feel better about myself."
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broccoli and cheese keto Fritter rolls
"I've been wanting to lose weight and get healthy for a while now and I found your keto recipes and meal plan, they're amazing!

I've made a few of them and my husband and I love them. You can't even tell they're keto recipes. Keep up the great work, we'll be looking forward to future recipes!"
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classic keto hamburger with tomato and onion
keto blueberry lemon bread
"For years I have felt like my metabolism was barely working. Claudia's Keto knowledge has revamped it. Finally I fit back into my favorite clothes again, thank you so much..."
keto weight loss transformation of a woman before and after

A Super Simple Method To Save MONEY, TIME, and EFFORT On Your Keto Diet - And Still See RAPID Weight Loss Results.

low carb full english breakfast with keto eggs and bacon

Healthy, Budget-Friendly, Fat-Burning Foods for the ‘Best Ketogenic-Results’ 

(Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine that losing weight can be that delicious, and half of them you may already have in your fridge!) 

New to Keto? AVOID these 6 common MISTAKES to maximize your weight loss! 

27 healthy, keto-friendly snacks that will not put a single pound on your waist or hips (eat them whenever you feel hungry or just want to have a quick bite in between the main courses) 

How to get into ketosis in 24 hours … (This is contrary to almost everything you've ever heard...but... it works like crazy. 

Just try it and be prepared to be amazed)

10 Mouth-Watering, Simple-to-Find, Inexpensive, and Nutrient-Rich Ketogenic Foods that will demolish your afternoon and late evening fatigue.

(Once you add them to your daily regimen, you will feel almost an instant Energy Boost!) 

It is jam-packed with keto recipes that cover everything from breakfast to dinner to snacks (and desserts). 

Every keto recipe is designed to help you lose weight, restore your energy levels, boost your health, feel happier, and keep you in ketosis.

Inside you’ll find delicious Keto foods like:

Ginger Spice Cookies
Keto Lasagna
Fiery Buffalo Wings
Jalapeño "Corn" Bread
Chocolate Biscotti
Savory Italian Crackers
Mexican Tacos
Guacamole Burgers

It's time to take the next step in your keto & weight-loss journey. 

Today I’m giving away my personal keto meal plan that I use myself to stay fit & healthy every month. 

Inside this nicely-designed diet plan you will find delicious recipes. That’s 3 keto meals for the day for 14 days. 

Plus YOUR free keto recipe cookbook!

The great part is every recipe is simple to prepare and does not include confusing foods that are expensive and hard to find.

Finding recipes that are not only healthy but also easy to prepare can be hard. 

That is why I created this resource for you, so you can avoid the frustration of spending your time searching for delicious keto meals and waste your precious energy worrying about what to cook today.

That means that you will have access to delicious, healthy and easy keto recipes that are suitable for everyone. 

 Offering delicious recipes that are low carb, effortless to make, and easy to enjoy, this free keto cookbook will get you started on the path to a healthier lifestyle. 

With recipes ranging from snacks, to desserts, you will never run out of things to make again.

WARNING - If You Are Over 50 Then these COMMON but Overlooked Keto Weight Loss Mistakes Will SEVERELY Hurt Your Progress.

7 tips to reach the stage of Ketosis with Turbo-Speed – I call it the state of Magic! 

(once you do that, all you need is to maintain it, and I’ll show you how) 

Your first 10 days on your diet keto meal plan! What to expect? 

(this day-by-day mental preparation guide will put you at ease and lead you through every single step!) 

STRONG sugar cravings? 

This SUPER-SIMPLE mouthwatering & flavor-filled KETO substitute tastes even BETTER than all your favorite desserts combined. 

AND - it’s currently one of the HEALTHIEST options available!

Are you ready for keto? Meal planning for keto diet.

Everything you NEED TO KNOW about the keto lifestyle before getting started. 

These KEY principles will give you the right mindset for your new lifestyle.

Most Women Over 50 Make KETO 10X More FRUSTRATING By Ignoring this SIMPLE & GOLDEN Keto Rule ( Don’t Ignore It!) 

Overwhelmed by Keto? 

Combine these 2 POWERFUL mindset-hacks together to CLEVERLY trick your brain and COMPLETELY transform the way you view & embrace your journey to weight-loss FOREVER! 

Do you have an important event coming soon? 

Here is the Most Powerful, Fast, and Safe weight loss combination (what you can add to your current eating regimen to DOUBLE your fat-burning results and make those OLD, UNDERSIZED clothes fit you perfectly!) 

11 fruits you can actually ENJOY while on the Keto Diet and don’t feel guilty and worried about them stopping your progress.

Easy Keto Meal Plan. 

That’s 3 full weeks of keto meals – and we’ve saved you even more time and planning with complete weekly shopping lists! 

(Exactly how and what to eat, day after day, week after week so you are completely in control of your ketosis and energy levels.)

keto breakfast eggs and creamy avocado on toasted wholemeal bread seasoned with sea salt and black pepper
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